May 20, 2021
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The Visionary Chronicles PODCAST

CHRONICLE: May 19th,2021

“You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve….”

Wisdom from Marc Benihoff

PODCAST: EVOLUTION | Continue to Evolve, not Just Exist

You must continually and consistently evolve your business, or you will only EXIST. Your ability and willingness to evolve throughout your business life will provide for a renewed passion, one that allows your brand to thrive in the new cycles you will encounter.

EVOLVE, by definition; the continual, dynamic development of something over time…

In this definition, the word “dynamic” is a vital business development action plan. Being dynamic can connotate moving or being proactive in light of the current circumstances; either way, plan and implement before it is too late.

EXIST, by definition; staying static, fit it with the surroundings. In other words, one who likes the status quo and does want to inherently take risks and believes in being reactive, not proactive.

Brand evolution is an ongoing process, not remaining static. You must evolve with the product, marketing, and sales (POWER TRIAD) and all other areas of your business; operations, logistics, accounting, finance, etc. Each of these areas blended together provides for an insanely great customer experience! Taken individually, not collectively, can make for an insanely awful customer experience-your choice. For the good or the bad of your customer.

To exist means you do not change with the times, or generations, for fear of failure or not wanting to disrupt the status quo.

Brands must evolve, and the following are good foundational areas to adapt and evolve continually;

  1. Messaging (Marketing); adapt and ensure you are engaging and respecting your community. It can take the form of your brand, product, or persona. Yes, persona; if your brand was a person, who would you be? How would you carry yourself, interact with others, etc.?

We live in a world of different generations, cultures, and personas, your ability to adapt while maintaining your core principles will be essential.

  1. Product; This may seem logical, but you would be surprised by how many brands do not update or adapt their product portfolio and ideation processes. Product is the ingredient needed to build category authentication and loyalty with your community.

The product must match the messaging.

  1. Culture; your culture is earned and must be consistent; however, it must also adapt or remain flexible to provide an inclusive vs. exclusive environment. Culture is what allows you to retain your community, a sense of belonging, being, both inside and outside your company.
  2. Systems/Processes; Ensure you are always providing the best tools for allowing your team to succeed. Adapt, integrate and implement, each a key piece of the puzzle to ensuring an insanely great user experience (UX).

Evolution is a critical factor to ensuring your brand remains healthy, vibrant and one other reach out to proactively.

Evolution can take many forms, but each is critical to your livelihood. I can assure you of two things, when you proactively evolve, adapt and implement, you succeed and thrive. When you are passive, unwilling to adapt, or are not proactively making your brand a better experience for all, you will lose. Your choice, your leadership makes the difference.

Genuine, authentic Visionaries are rare, but they a path for us to follow. For those daring enough to take on this Journey, they have led the way!

Enjoy your Journey!

Podcast In my new Podcast, BRAND EVOLUTION | Continue to Evolve, not Just Exist, I discuss areas to ensure you are continually reviving your brand through the Evolutionary process and why it is critical to not just exist.

We discuss this and other business strategy topics and pressing issues facing Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Small Business Owners.

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