October 28, 2021
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Decisions, we make them every day, but very few understand the context of decision-making, whether they have control over the ultimate result and their impact on the business.

Having the ability to understand the impact both in the short term, and the long term is a key part of decision making. Being able to understand and distinguish between what has the most impact and if you are able to execute is also a key piece of decisions. With the current state of our industries, many opportunities exist, but only if you completely understand the impact of your decisions, and your ability to execute.

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Bryan Smeltzer

LiquidMind Inc.

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At times, either in the beginning, or over the course of building a brand, these get lost in translation or become reactionary vs proactive strategies. To build a successful brand, these need to be front and center as a company lays the foundation for successful Growth. At Liquid Mind, we assist you in either IGNITING or RE-IGNITING your brand through foundational Growth elements. Strategy Partner for Disruptive Brands. The LiquidMind team has extensive executive level experience in; Go to Market Development, Startups, Brand Positioning, Product Creation, Marketing Strategies, Social Media Channel Development and Merchandising Execution with some of the most worlds most re-known brands.