January 28, 2019
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Act Global…Think Local

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The ultimate compliment for a brand is when it translates globally. However, when you act global as a brand from a positioning, imagery and lifestyle perspective, you will need to be aware of the intricacies within differing regions of the world.

The brand can and should be positioned with a single unified message, but when defining priorities or strategies for other regions around the world, you will need a clearly defined region/country specific foundation to launch from… This will entail ensuring you understand the  political, cultural and geographical nature of these regions. Some countries or regions will clearly be harder to define than others, but most will have a defined culture/structure and the brand can either adapt, translate or move on to another opportunity better suited for the growing the brand.

Once defined, you can develop a clearly defined marketing strategy with a mix of components when blended together provide the biggest impact for this targeted audience. This may involve digital assets, sports marketing development (region specific sports)  or traditional hard copy media mix. This “Act Global, Think Local” mindset  will allow brands to secure their message, and expand the brand while being sensitive to region specific cultural priorities.

Act Global…

Think Local…

Protect & Grow the Brand…!

Enjoy the Ride…!

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