February 24, 2022
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THE VISIONARY BRAND, The Success Formula Behind the World’s Most Visionary Brands

Off to a good start after a couple of weeks, and very blessed to have so many who have already benefited from having read The Visionary Brand. 

Now available through book distributors globally including;

Barnes & Noble – https://bit.ly/3GUPliJ

Amazon – https://amzn.to/3v0By7W

The Visionary Brand (Direct) – https://bit.ly/3v0Ykwu

“Exceptionally well written, organized, and presented, The Visionary Brand must be considered essential reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate executives seeking to expand their market share.

The Visionary Brand is unreservedly recommended for Business Management, and for the personal reading lists of entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.”

James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


Becoming Visionary

The Journey 

The Brand 

  • Evolution 
  • Loyalty 
  • Pillars 

The Vision Paradox 

  • Breakaway Product Pipeline 
  • Foresight 
  • Revolution . . . Recreate . . .

The Elements Of A Successful Formula 

  • The Creative Engine 
  • Market-Driving Vs. Market-Driven 
  • Be Disruptive 
  • Be Different 
  • Case Study: Category Disruption 

  • The Positioning 
  • Selling Your Soul 
  • Bloodlines 
  • The Best 
  • Loyalty Loop 
  • Strategic Competitiveness 
  • Promote A Lifestyle

The Omni-Channel Strategy 

The Power Triad 

The Culture Matrix Culture and Leadership 

The Product Vision

  • Innovate, Don’t Imitate 
  • Create Breakaway Products 
  • Build A Drawdown Product Pipeline 
  • Lead Through Extinction 
  • The Brand Is The Product 
  • Take Risks

The Ecosystem

The Fuel

  • Inspire Through Personalization
  • Brand Ambassadors

The UX 

  • Engagement 
  • Empathize 

The New Age 

  • Disruptive Revolution 
  • Visionary Legacy

The Artist 

The Courage 

  • Destiny 
  • Live Your Dream

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The author

Bryan Smeltzer is a successful consumer products business executive and entrepreneur. He has held executive-level roles in business development, product, and marketing with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including; Oakley, TaylorMade, Adidas, K-Swiss, Schutt Sports, among other international brands. In addition, Mr. Smeltzer founded an apparel brand, successfully running a profitable business for ten years, eventually selling to a VC firm. He currently oversees LiquidMind Inc., a global brand strategy firm that partners with both start-ups and established brands to empower their businesses to think different, be different, drive a passionate culture, and execute relentlessly.

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