October 19, 2018
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Brand vs Commodity…Your Choice

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Brand or Commodity…Your Choice, but this is a choice you will have to make with your brand or product. A unique point of difference whether through your product, market positioning or both, will give your company an edge. However, in order to stay true to your root values and survive – the better choice is establishing and growing your brand. This is easier said than done, having been inside the belly of the brand beast myself, as most companies either do not have the time, resources or mindset to achieve this goal, and why you see few “true” authentic brands in the marketplace. Truly finding a unique purpose, perspective or product innovation pipeline, as you look to establish your brand is the key to unlocking your long term positioning.

At each of the globally recognized brands I have been with,  we never “Sold our Soul to the Devil”, as we knew it may cure some short term issues, but would damage us to the “core” long term. In regards to the “core”, I truly mean the heart and soul of what had built for many decades. Either way, just remember, stick to what you believe or it never becomes authentic, stick to what you know or your goal will never materialize and by all means do not lose your soul as it will never be given back to you.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer




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At times, either in the beginning, or over the course of building a brand, these get lost in translation or become reactionary vs proactive strategies. To build a successful brand, these need to be front and center as a company lays the foundation for successful Growth. At Liquid Mind, we assist you in either IGNITING or RE-IGNITING your brand through foundational Growth elements. Strategy Partner for Disruptive Brands. The LiquidMind team has extensive executive level experience in; Go to Market Development, Startups, Brand Positioning, Product Creation, Marketing Strategies, Social Media Channel Development and Merchandising Execution with some of the most worlds most re-known brands.