November 7, 2019
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Creating Brand Advocates…

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Building, maintaining, connecting with and growing your “Brand Advocates” is crucial to assuring long term brand value. This is the “core” group of individuals who will “stick” with the brand through the ups and downs, regardless of  competitors need to capture category market share. 

In great measure this group of “brand advocates” are loyal to a fault, but the brand must understand this loyalty comes with a desire to become and stay “connected” with the brand. Also, the expectation is the “brand” stays true its principles. This should be familiar territory for most brands, as we have discussed, these are founding pillars that are established at the outset of creating the company. These can change, be adjusted, but in no means can the overall direction of the company and the “foundation” be completely re-built. Even if a company “rises from the ashes”, the original foundation that made it great once, must be re-established and new “brand advocates” re-engaged.

However a brand chooses to engage it’s “advocates” these are the ones that spread the “virus” of brand loyalty. Many brands have been able to infect masses of “brand advocates”  for many years or even decades (ie. Apple, Nike..), and the formula of  “foundational principles” always pushes the brand to aspire for continued greatness, along with connecting with these loyal customers.  Continuing to build this “engagement” relationship through new digital, viral and social means is an integral piece for assuring long term brand success

Always look for ways to build, maintain and grow your “Brand Advocate” base…

Always stay “True” to the Brand

Always look for ways new ways to “Connect”…

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer

The author

Bryan Smeltzer is a successful consumer products business executive and entrepreneur. He has held executive-level roles in business development, product, and marketing with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including; Oakley, TaylorMade, Adidas, K-Swiss, Schutt Sports, among other international brands. In addition, Mr. Smeltzer founded an apparel brand, successfully running a profitable business for ten years, eventually selling to a VC firm. He currently oversees LiquidMind Inc., a global brand strategy firm that partners with both start-ups and established brands to empower their businesses to think different, be different, drive a passionate culture, and execute relentlessly.

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