April 28, 2021
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FEARLESS LIVING | How to Live Fearlessly & Succeed

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FEARLESS LIVING | How to Live Fearlessly & Succeed

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CHRONICLE: April 28th, 2021


“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely…”

                                                                          Wisdom from Buddha

FEARLESS LIVING | How to Live Fearlessly & Succeed

The term FEARLESS…what does it mean? By definition, it means to live without Fear, bold and brave. To dig deeper, what does it mean to be…bold and brave?

Bold, not hesitating in the face of danger, breaking down barriers, or beyond conventional thinking.

Brave, exhibiting courage, a warrior.

So by definition, I feel the following defines a Fearless person;

A courageous warrior who does not hesitate to face risk breaks down barriers to success and thinks beyond human comprehension

My definition of a genuinely Fearless person!

In life, fearlessness is both professional and personal and tilts our comfort level towards risk avoidance. I have found many reasons to adopt risk avoidance, as it is our human nature, but I have also found there to be many areas you can adopt to live Fearlessly.

How to Live Fearlessly

1.     Understand and be Aware; understand your situation, and be aware of the circumstances or potential outcomes.

2.     Emulate others who are Fearless; Life + Business, follow or study those who have impacted your life, day to day, or society.

3.     Be willing to take Risks; nothing significant has been achieved without Risk.

4.     Embrace Fear; learn how to overcome and achieve greatness. Others will follow, and you will set your Legacy.

5.     Don’t be Reckless; understand the difference between Fearlessness and Recklessness; one has a parachute, the other does not. Use logic…

6.     Visualize; visualize, and meditate on your success. Follow your dreams, but have a Vision, a plan to succeed. Tell others, and they will hold you accountable.

7.     Flush out worst-case scenarios; what is the worst that can happen? Then move on, do not dwell on this potential scenario; it will cloud your thinking.

8.     Meditate on success; continually meditate on a successful conclusion or execution of your vision, one that has Risk and Fearless!           

Nothing significant has been achieved by playing it safe; Safe is Risky…Fearlessness is the path to greatness, but make sure you are not reckless and visualize achieving your goals. 

Be Fearless!

Be Great!

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