June 17, 2021
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FUEL | Strategic Marketing that Drives your Brand

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The Visionary Chronicles

CHRONICLE: June 17th, 2021

Inspiration “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future….”

                                                                                    Wisdom from Steve Jobs

FUEL | Marketing that Drives your Brand


FUEL; any material that reacts with other substances to release energy to be used for work.

Fascinating how FUEL is defined and how it can be interpreted in real life, business terminology. I find the word takes on many different meanings; it “ignites” a passion in those who are part of a brand as it pertains to the business world. At some point in a brand’s life, this flame fades and needs to be “re-ignited,” and it is the FUEL that allows this reignition to happen.

Marketing is by design an ignitor of passions; a passion for a Lifestyle, a love for an Activity, a passion for a Product,  or a passion for a Service; whatever the NEED may be, marketing provides this connection point to realizing your passion. Therefore, understanding first the need and how to satisfy this need through your product or service is key to learning your Positioning as a brand. 

To consistently and authentically drive your brand strategy, you must first have a passion for your brand, an authentic product or service, and translate this, so your customer understands the benefits of using your products. Take them away, save them time, enhance engagement or their user experience, each of these is a piece of the marketing FUEL that drives your brand. Then, you can consistently, cohesively, and authentically create and message your value with your product and beyond your product.

How do awesome brands create this FUEL, the energy, the passion around their brand and products consistently?

The following are several foundational elements to realizing this brand strategy;

  1. Clearly define your Positioning; unless you understand what you stand for, no one else will!
  2. Have a near-term plan for continually Fueling the marketing engine and a long-term strategy for maintaining your brand foundation; both near term and long term need to be in synch, or else you are wavering in the wind with no clear direction.
  3. Build a cohesive structure; ensure accountability to the team; determine specific roles and objectives. Not knowing the plan is NOT a plan.
  4. Execute Relentlessly; have a plan clearly defined by your foundational Brand Principles, GTM strategy, and marketing engine. Then, execute, execute, execute, and it will be part of your brand DNA.
  5. Sweat the Small Stuff; ensure all you do is done consistently excellent, with no shortcuts. Taking the shortcut leads to inconsistency and frustration. Instead, there needs to be an ingrained culture of being and doing great things. The small stuff is the difference between a 4 star and a 5-star hotel. It Makes a Difference!

Stay committed, maintain your Vision, and continually Re-Fuel your Passion!

Enjoy the Journey!

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