April 26, 2021
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Lifestyle Branding | Driving Value Beyond Product

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“A song has to take on character, shape, body and influence people to an extent that they use it for their own devices. It must affect them not just as a song, but as a lifestyle.”

Life from David Bowie

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Lifestyle Branding | Driving Value beyond Product

Lifestyle Branding is a critical foundational piece to ensuring a brand understands who they are, what they are selling, and why they exist.

Lifestyle positioning is a well-thought-out process anchored in principles all can understand, adopt, and follow both inside and outside the company. In overseeing both the product and marketing with globally recognized brands such as; Oakley, adidas, TaylorMade, and having worked with many others through LiquidMind, this is the primary foundation principle that provides synergy to the brand as a whole.

In looking at the definition of the word Lifestyle it consists of; Habit, Attitudes, Tastes, Moral Standards, and the Economic level by which one exists. This is a very concise definition that translates well to Lifestyle Branding. I have found over my years that premium brands who have anchored their Lifestyle Branding have 5 distinct traits in common;

• They are Authentic.

• They are Consistent.

• They are Passionate.

• They are Compassionate.

• and They are Always the Best in Class!

In order to earn the right to sell a Lifestyle, and build Value beyond Product, these foundational Principles must be followed authentically and passionately. 

” Authenticity in branding requires a step by step, a measured methodology that doesn’t veer from a brand’s key identity…”

Debbie Millman

In my new Podcast, I discuss Lifestyle Branding | How to Drive Value beyond Product. How do global brands develop and deploy this strategy to ensuring long-term generational success?

In my new Podcast, Lifestyle Branding | Driving Value beyond Product, I discuss Lifestyle Branding, the 5 critical points to ensuring you can effectively and authentically position your Brand to drive value beyond product creation. 

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We discuss this, along with other business strategy topics and pressing issues facing Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners.

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The author

Bryan Smeltzer is a successful consumer products business executive and entrepreneur. He has held executive-level roles in business development, product, and marketing with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including; Oakley, TaylorMade, Adidas, K-Swiss, Schutt Sports, among other international brands. In addition, Mr. Smeltzer founded an apparel brand, successfully running a profitable business for ten years, eventually selling to a VC firm. He currently oversees LiquidMind Inc., a global brand strategy firm that partners with both start-ups and established brands to empower their businesses to think different, be different, drive a passionate culture, and execute relentlessly.

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