• Life As RX, the originator within the CrossFit industry.
  • Joined CrossFit apparel/accessories brand in an Interim CEO/PRESIDENT executive capacity to define, refine and implementation new business processes and maximize current market segment development.
  • The ASRX brand, a premium “core” apparel/accessories brand started in the first CrossFit gym in Honolulu Hawaii in 2008, CrossFit Oahu. Before the big competitions and big corporations, three CrossFit Oahu coaches decided that the community they loved needed an identity of it’s own. Making the trek from Honolulu to the Crossfit Ranch in Aromas, California. After three days of hot weather, cold fancy top beers, and a ton of fitness, a grassroots brand was born.
  • After many years of hard work, ASRX has solidified itself as a core brand in the fitness community. Our Mission We believe in culture, we thrive on creativity, and we take great pride in being part of a community that has changed the world for the better. Our mission is to ensure every product we create stays true to those values by using the finest quality products made in the most eco friendly way possible and represent our community.

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