September 30, 2019

Ride the Wave..or Create it !

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As I have previously discussed, brands can either “ride out” their success, or they can create a “new wave”. Most prefer to ride their wave out, or catch someone else’s. It is the fearless brand that takes chances, and some may hit the rocks occasionly, but when they “catch” a wave it is usually a monster.

It is risk tasking that allows you to search for your blue ocean, and not delve into the bloody waters infested with other sharks. This blood bath may feed your product engine for a period of time, but you must always look to create your own wave. Many catch others ideas, and create a better method, process or products, but you must find that wave which everyone talks about long after the sun has gone down. Search and you will find. At some point your hard work will pay off, and you and the entire brand will be richer for it. Keep searching for the next great wave, it is out there and is those that discover it first who will be remembered !

  • Always look for the next Wave.. !
  • Always ride it, but then start searching for┬áthe┬ánext One..!
  • Always strive to be first, the waves are fresh and the Ocean Blue..!

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


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