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“LiquidMind is NOT an Agency, we are a true Partner that “liquefies” ourselves in your brand positioning, values and goals…”

LiquidMind Services

Whether breaking ground on a new product or innovation, researching the feasibility of its potential success, establishing  a cohesive marketing strategy or campaign, Liquid Mind is there to “Free your Thoughts”, and allow your team to make clear decisions.

This is why we put significant time and effort into understanding the dynamics of your  business, and partner in areas where you may need to implement strategies to ensure successful revenue growth.

At Liquid Mind we offer services that support your team, brand and overriding objective to secure market share and drive revenue growth. Real, tangible benefits.


  • Interim Leadership
  • Fractional Management
  • Go to Market Plans
  • Business Development
  • Brand Positioing
  • Blue Ocean Opportunities
  • Distribution/Licensing
  • PE/VC Funding/Debt Restructure


  • Channel Development
  • Strategic Presentations
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Metric Reporting/Analysis
  • Territory Development
  • e-Comm Integration (DTC/B2B)


  • Marketing Strat Plan
  • Omni-Channel Integration
  • Social Media Execution
  • Merchandising Programs
  • Digital Marketing
  • Metrics Reporting/Analysis
  • PR/Media Strategy
  • Sports Marketing Development


  • Innovation Deployment
  • Design/Ideation Process
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Commercialization Process
  • Functional Integration
  • Sourcing

Liquid Mind
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