March 2, 2020


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Being able to survive in the land of giants when you are a start up seems virtually impossible, but with the proper diligence you can set a course which increases your chances of success.

From blatant knock offs, to direct IP violations, those with the deeper pockets inevitably win, but sometimes not. Being able to set the course knowing who or what you will potentially encounter is key. With expectations set, and a plan for countering the attacks, you are better to stay on course consistently moving towards your destination.

These are difficult times for start ups, but taking the “blinders” off and looking at reality prior to the worst happening will support your plan and goals.

At LiquidMind #LiquidMindsite we work with both start-ups, and well established brands, both looking to strike gold with the next great product, idea or technology.




The author

Bryan Smeltzer is a successful consumer products business executive and entrepreneur. He has held executive-level roles in business development, product, and marketing with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including; Oakley, TaylorMade, Adidas, K-Swiss, Schutt Sports, among other international brands. In addition, Mr. Smeltzer founded an apparel brand, successfully running a profitable business for ten years, eventually selling to a VC firm. He currently oversees LiquidMind Inc., a global brand strategy firm that partners with both start-ups and established brands to empower their businesses to think different, be different, drive a passionate culture, and execute relentlessly.

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