February 9, 2022

The Visionary Brand | The DNA of Visionary Brands (Part I)

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CHRONICLE: February 8th, 2022


THE VISIONARY BRAND, The Success Formula Behind the World’s Most Visionary Brands


“Exceptionally well written, organized, and presented, The Visionary Brand must be considered essential reading for all aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate executives seeking to expand their market share. 

The Visionary Brand is unreservedly recommended for community, corporate, college, university library Business Management instructional reference collections, and for the personal reading lists of entrepreneurs, MBA students, and corporate executives.”

James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


Over the next several months I will be doing PODCAST’s on The Visionary Brand, The Success Formula Behind the World’s Most Visionary Brands. 

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What makes a brand a brand? Is it . . .

• Product?

• Marketing?

• Culture? 

• Innovation

Each of these can undoubtedly be a foundational piece of the make-up of a brand, and consumer perceptions are built on these separate components. However, I found in most instances, consumers perceive a brand as a lifestyle comprised of many different aspects, both inspirational and aspirational, or as a commodity, which serves a specific need or purpose. 

For example, when Nike created the “Just Do It” or “Bo Knows” campaigns, Nike created an inclusionary active lifestyle and persona that allowed them to sell products, creating a culture built around demonstrating an inspirational lifestyle. These campaigns reflect its culture, made up of a community of like-minded athletes working towards the same aspirational goal. In other words, it sells a lifestyle more than it sells individual goods. And selling a lifestyle is now more critical than ever for a successful brand.

Selling a Lifestyle controlling your destiny is the path carved the pandemic, the reality of having to adapt, and the foresight to know this is the future. So what does this future look like as we see it?

I will discuss the first two key areas today and continue our discussions over the next several weeks.


In this New Age of retail, brands can more easily adapt, engage, create, and control their destiny. Before this New Age of e-comm, DTC, the User Experience (UX) was critical to a brand’s success, as Loyalty and authentic engagement are a priority, along with superior products. This UX needs to be controlled by the brand, as consumers’ expectations shift to pre-purchase experience and post-purchase engagement. The retailer always maintained the purchase cycle, with many UX priorities left not being appropriately executed or authentically. Brands now control both their destiny and community loyalty. The retailer left having to somehow manage their ongoing Brick and Mortar business in parallel with these same brands opening their stores. Quite a balancing act and many retailers have not handled this transition correctly. Still, it represents an opportunity to partner with these global brands for those left standing.

Unless you ARE a Brand, you cannot BE a brand. 

Creating a brand is an earned right that is not easily attained; ask all those new ventures left in the rubble of having had a great idea only to see it vanish before their eyes. Once you have achieved TRUE brand status, you have pricing and product control. The ability to achieve multi-tier distribution and build a global community loyal to your product, lifestyle, and brand all in one.

The retail revolution is real; those who adapt without sacrificing their core values are the ones who will successfully build a future for others to follow


Every brand needs to be anchored in Foundation Principles, those things that make them a brand in the eyes of their consumer, their community, their loyal following. 

However, brands can and need to evolve or pivot when they see an opportunity to change their Foundation and maximize what they have already built. Brands are built on marketplace positioning, such as; good, better, best, or premium, and clearly defined points of difference over the Competition.

The pandemic was a clear pivot point for brands, and those who evolved or adapted are the ones still standing today. But, you will notice those who pivoted did not sacrifice their Foundation! If you are built on a stone foundation, you can withstand the winds of time and fail. But, facing a challenge head-on is what visionary brands and leaders do, and they set the path for the future, a future others can not see until they clarify the vision. 

We have been through and continue to struggle with one of the worst pandemics in our history, however in case you missed it, those brands who evolved early in the pandemic are the ones achieving record revenue growth. 

Engaging with your core consumer directly, building a relationship, and providing value beyond the product is a formula for success. The brands now have complete control over the omnichannel experience with the pandemic. Those who clearly understand the customer journey, eliminate pain points and engage meaningfully and authentically with their community survive. 

In summary, The Visionary Brand was written for those looking to understand what is significant, being Visionary, being different to sustain long-term success, and what they do to create brand Loyalty. Also, it was written from an inside out perspective, understanding is as much personal, as it is business acumen. Be a Leader, Be a Visionary, Be Compassionate, Be Great!

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!

Enjoy the Journey!

Bryan Smeltzer, President

LiquidMind Inc.



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