October 18, 2021
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THE VISIONARY CHRONICLES: Authentication |Foundation to a Brand’s Success

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The Visionary Chronicles PODCAST 

CHRONICLE: October 15th, 2021

 “The authentic self is the soul made visible…”

                        Wisdom from Sarah Ben Breathnach

PODCAST: Authentication | Foundation to a Brand’s Success

In my new PODCAST, I discuss Authentication, what it is in by definition, and how Brands can assure they are Truly Authentic. 

Most Brands realize that being Authentic is an essential piece of building long-term Loyalty; however, I have found that most do not know what it MEANS to be Authentic. It is an interesting dynamic, and one most Brand’s never commit to realizing in their day-to-day.

Being Authentic by definition is; 

a) not false or copied; genuine; real

b) representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or the person identified

c) entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience

Your Authentic Brand ID has many different Elements, both tangible and non-tangible, equally crucial to creating a winning Formula, assuring you are staying true to your authentic foundational pillars and brand ETHOS. 

You have the Traditional Brand ID Elements; Positioning, Mission, Vision, Personality, and Core Competencies. You also have the non-tangible Elements most Brands forget about or do not commit to; Value, Relationships, Culture, Expression. These, in most instances, are more important than tangible elements. These are the ONES that separate GREAT Brands from AVERAGE Brands!

The Brand that can consistently execute, commit to and support these core elements of a successful company are the ones who will be generational. Just look at some of the brands who fit this mold;

• Apple

• Nike

• Adidas

• Google

• Tesla

Having the courage to commit to being Great starts with your Foundational Pillars, those on which your Brand was built. Understanding first the Vision, second how to Execute, and third assuring you are Committed to supporting these Pillars stand.

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!

Enjoy the Journey!

Bryan Smeltzer, President

LiquidMind Inc.



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