December 17, 2021
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The Visionary Chronicles PODCAST: Creativity | How to Maximize IDEA Flow

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The Visionary Chronicles PODCAST

CHRONICLE: December 17th, 2021

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones…”

                                                   Wisdom from John Cage

PODCAST:    CREATIVITY | How to Maximize IDEA Flow

2018, LinkedIn Survey; Creativity is the number sought-after soft skillset.

Creativity is a Cornerstone for an Innovative Thinker and a Progressive Brand. The ability to consistently think of great IDEAS, understand the impact at a brand level, and ensure they are commercialized is a trait few possess and even are willing to explore.

Exploration is a crucial piece for Creativity; having the guts to do what others say is “Impossible” and pursue a Dream and bring it to Reality for others to see. This Exploration brings excitement and passion to a brand. The willingness to FAIL, and FAIL again for the pursuit of reaching the pinnacle of success. Those who are willing to take this challenge, not just once, but make it part of their DNA, their core Identity will succeed, not only in their markets but with their teams and community as well!
With Exploration comes an Artisty around successfully realizing your great IDEA. The creative mastery around molding the IDEA to match your Identity.

The Artist is the one who knows what the painting looks like before a brush is put to canvas. So be an Artist, understand the beauty behind the product, making your communities life more accessible and non-burdensome. The Simple Sophistication of a great product and the Artistry to deliver on your Brand Promise.

To Maximize IDEA flow, you must first be committed to Exploring, embracing Failure, and being an Artist, and all are collectively generating insanely GREAT IDEAS.

What are the areas required to Promote Creativity?

  1. Free Flowing Ideas and Pace: The quicker a decision is made, the better the company. However, having a Brand committed to providing an environment to Create, and generate IDEAS, is one that will never run short on Innovation.

       Free your Mind, let the process take its Pace, provide boundaries and ensure these IDEAS are processed, commercialized, or blown up to     make it great!

  1. Be a Cognitive Thinker vs. a Logical Mindset; Take your time when flushing our IDEAS, understand the implication to the brand and your community. Then, find solutions through Great IDEAS.
  2. Leave the Door Open; Allow IDEAS to enter the Creativity process, do not be quick to judge, and ensure Cognitive Thinkers are at the table, the Creative doers.
  3. Only the Smart Illusion; Creativity is Cognitive, and why the Logic may not always be the best trait in building an Innovative Culture. Intelligence is often misplaced, put in the correct location it can be very productive, placed in the wrong location is disastrous. Having the ability to think of what “could be” vs. “what is” is the DIFFERENCE!
  4. Implement Balance; When Steve Jobs took over at PIXAR, he implemented the “pluses” policy, meaning every negative needed to be balanced with a plus. This simple policy broke down gridlock at PIXAR and was integral to creating their first blockbuster, Toy Story.
  5. More is Less; Brands feel the Ideation process is better served with more people providing more Ideas…the opposite is true; the best Ideation process, where it provides the best IDEAS, is one where the mindset is common Logic is left at the Door. Cognitive THINKERS ONLY!

Many leaders agree that Innovation and Creativity are the most sought-after traits, but most do nothing to promote creating a Culture where Cognitive Thinkers can thrive!

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!

Enjoy the Journey!

Bryan Smeltzer, President

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In my new Podcast, CREATIVITY | How to Maximize IDEA Flow, I discuss how understanding the exploration process, embracing Risk and a commitment to providing an environment where you embrace Failure is key to generating insanely Great IDEAS.

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