September 22, 2021

The Visionary Chronicles: Visionary Leadership | How to Realize your Future through a Crisis

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The Visionary Chronicles 

CHRONICLE: September 22nd, 2021

 “Leadership is the capacity to translate Vision into Reality…”

                                          Wisdom from Warren Bennis

PODCAST: VISIONARY LEADERSHIP | How to Realize your Future through a Crisis

In my new PODCAST, I discuss how Visionary leaders execute their strategy through a crisis and the stepped process they use to ensure they stay on track.

To determine your future, you need to analyze the past, determine the current state of your industry, and define opportunities to capture market share growth.

The need to examine your future is especially true as we work our way through the pandemic. Seeing how most, if not all, companies have had to pivot in one direction or another and change the way they operate. 

-Adapt or Die!

-Change or die a Slow Death!

Adaptation has been a word thrown around a lot and is a necessary evil for most companies. Being able to adapt is one thing; wanting to adapt is another. Having worked with a very diverse, global group of brands through the pandemic, I can tell you most want to adjust but are fearful of the repercussions in an already unpredictable world! You need to adapt, finding ways to be more efficient, more effective, and more competitive. In the long run, you will come out of the back end of the pandemic in better shape than you were going in.

You need to analyze your path forward, find a way to strengthen your weaknesses and outline your path ahead. The Vision is still intact, ensure the Vision DOES NOT change, but the course to successfully executing the Vision can be altered. Adapt, be Flexible, be Nimble and move fast. 

Working directly with these global brands who have successfully pivoted during this pandemic, I have found several key principles we adopted through LiquidMind Inc. to ensure their long-term success. First, they are clearly defined, constantly communicated, and understood by their role in their brand’s successful exit through this crisis.

1. FutureCast;

a. Take the time at an executive level to clearly understand the new landscape. Define current processes, current resources, and current opportunities. Now define what lies ahead, ideation process of determining what is needed to grow the business, not sustain but grow successfully. Disrupt, innovate and execute at all levels. Communicate the Vision again, determine where changes are needed, and ensure all understand the new landscape.

2. Reimagine;

a. Take your FutureCast strategy and step back and reimagine what it will take to execute this new future. Once you have FutureCast, this is the time to take a granular look at your overall business.

3. Flexibility;

a. Be ready to Pivot as needed. Not all well-laid plans work; most needed minor or major adjustments. Stubbornness does not work; you must adjust and adapt. Not all plans are bulletproof; sometimes, you need to shoot some holes in them and reinforce or rearrange them to succeed.

4. Commitment;

a. Once you have defined the future, stay committed to its success! Your Team, your Brand, and your Future are dependent on this top-down commitment. 

Not all plans are successful, but generational success is their reward for those who have a strategy that will win in the long run!

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!

Enjoy the Journey!

Bryan Smeltzer, President

LiquidMind Inc.

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