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THE VISIONARY BRAND | The Product Vision | Creating A Breakaway Design Culture





December 27th, 2023


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THE VISIONARY BRAND | The Product Vision | Creating A Breakaway

Design Culture


” The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”– Steve Jobs


The Product Creation process is unique in its implementation and

execution. Implementation must follow a strict Ideation process with the

freedom to interact and mindstorm, and the team’s makeup must be the Creators

who know what it takes to disrupt the status quo. The execution is where the

support system comes in, helping bring these Ideas to Reality.

To create a Breakaway product culture, you must first have a culture

that believes in and embraces Disruption, blowing things up that do not make

life easier or more efficient—a culture of risk, which inevitably determines

your destiny. Many companies are uncomfortable in this environment, and why

they are NOT brands. To achieve “best in class” status, you must create an

authentic culture that embraces failure due to risk. The risk results in both

rewards and failures. Remember, as I have stated before, NO great product has ever

been created without first having failed, most times, again and again before

successfully commercializing the Idea.

A Breakaway product creation culture demands you are “disruptive by

design,” to become a category leader, you must have a clear vision of the

future and determine what your community needs, not wants. Want is driven by

the current environment; the future determines need. Think of the iPhone or the

automobile; each Disruption was driven by a visionary leader who knew what they


Visionary brands create what I call a Breakaway Pipeline. If you use the

surfing analogy, surfing the funnel, the pipeline is the ultimate thrill. More

importantly for brands, being able to surf this creative pipeline for

generations and not becoming just another one-hit wonder.

If you have your sights set on being a Visionary brand, then one of the

most critical ingredient of your formula is the Breakaway Pipeline, achieving

category leadership through the following;

1.    Give the Creators and the Design team the

freedom to dream big and fail! Reward excellent failures, as this moves you

closer to success. Success without failure is impossible.

2.    Commit to Category Leadership.

3.    Build a sustainable product Ideation process.

Create, Test, Release, Reload.

4.    Stay true to your brand Vision and foundation

principles. Without them, you lose authenticity.

5.    Break things! Don’t accept the world for what

it is; instead, what it can become.


This road to achieving a sustainable Breakaway product pipeline is

agonizing, bumpy, challenging, and painful but rewarding once you cross the

finish line. However, this is not where it ends; it just means you have cut a

path to long-term success.

Unless you consistently build and sustain your pipeline, you will lose

momentum to your competitors, with declining market share and category growth.

If you continue to surf this pipeline, it will sustain you for generations.

So, stay committed to your Ideation process, create an environment of

freedom for your Creators, and build a pathway to realize your ideas and a

culture of Disruption that bleeds throughout the entire brand!




True, Stay Authentic, be Different, and be Great!

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